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What you will learn

You’ll balance the mix of twelve songs, covering a range of four genres: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and House.

The starting balance is randomly set each time you load a challenge - it’s your task to adjust the faders to get a well-balanced mix. Your unique balance will be scored out of 100, based on how I approached the track.

If you don’t pass a level: you’ll be able to preview my mix, as a reference, and try to match it. If you still get stuck, you’ll get more guidance on how you can improve the balance.

With practice, this knowledge will transform your ability to get a pro-sounding balance in your own mixes.

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The Songs You'll Be Working On

Here are the twelve songs that you'll be working on. Click or tap on any song to listen to a preview.

I have one driving goal: to help music producers get their music sounding better than ever.

Since starting Mastering The Mix, I’ve mastered music for thousands of people, created plugins used by hundreds of thousands and my educational blog has been read by millions. Hearing the music-related struggles expressed by my clients, customers and readers has positioned me perfectly to uncover the best ways to help people create better-sounding mixes.

Balancing Channels will help you sharpen your skills in one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of mixing. I’ll be with you every step of the way as your personal, virtual mix mentor closely analyzing every aspect of your sound and showing you how to improve.

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Balancing Channels

with Tom Frampton