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What you will learn

After purchasing the course, you’ll get access to Ultimate Producer's online, interactive mixer. Here you’ll balance the mix of 15 songs released by Toolroom Records. (View The Track List)

The starting balance is randomly set each time you begin a challenge - it’s your task to adjust the faders to get a well-balanced mix. Your unique balance will be scored based on how the artist approached the track.

If you get stuck, you can jump between your mix and the artist's mix and try to match it. If more help is needed, you’ll get guidance on how you can improve the balance.

When you learn in this way, it’s like the artist is in the room with you, as your personal mix mentor, showing you where you could improve. With practice, this knowledge will transform your ability to get a pro-sounding balance in your own mixes.

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The Songs You'll Be Working On

Here are the fifteen songs that you'll be working on. Click or tap on any song to listen to a preview.


Toolroom Records is internationally recognized as one of the most credible and innovative major brands in dance music.

Established in 2003, Toolroom is known for its passion and quality house music. Over the years they’ve discovered and signed legendary artists and led the way in an ever-changing industry.

Rising in tandem with the career of label figurehead Mark Knight, Toolroom rapidly grew into an internationally known brand through some defining club records – most notably Mark Knight’s remixes of ‘Man With The Red Face’ and ‘You’ve Got The Love’, among a host of original material from Mark and other heavyweight dance artists.

As one of the leading independent labels in dance music, there is no one better placed to understand what a house, tech house, or techno artist needs to push on to the next level.

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Balancing Channels

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