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About Us

Our Mission

There’s a problem with the current landscape of learning music production

Creating pro-sounding music is impossible if you don’t know where you’re going wrong. Generic blogs, video tutorials and courses can’t identify and solve your personal music production struggles.

Our solution to this problem

Ultimate Producer offers interactive music production challenges that test and train your studio skills. You’ll learn to adapt and solve common production problems, transforming your ability to create pro-sounding music.

The future of Ultimate Producer

We aim to create more challenges to help you improve every aspect of music production. Whether it’s EQ, compression or sound design, Ultimate Producer will be the best place for you to learn.

We’ll also be working with more educators. From your favorite artists to Grammy award winning engineers. We want you to learn from the best in the biz!

From the people behind Mastering The Mix and Bounce Boss

We have music software in our DNA. We wanted to make something really special and Ultimate Producer is the result of our latest collaboration — we hope you like it! Tom & Rich.

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